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Really disappointed with my black friday experience. Danica, it just makes you want to continue shopping here besides the quality and prices of your products. After speaking to the customer service team member on the phone. Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Old Navy Customer Service.

If you searching for Old Navy Customer Service Number, you are at the right place. In this post, we have provided a list of Old Navy Customer Service Phone Numbers. You can call Old Navy Customer Support the Old Navy Phone Number given here and solve your queries.
Contact Us. By email: Click here to email Old Navy Customer Service By phone: Please dial for relay service. By mail: Old Navy Canada Customer Service, McLaughlin, Road North, Brampton, ON, L6X 0B8, Canada.
Reviews For Old Navy Customer Service (10) Poor placement of 50% sign At the store in the Fallbrook mall in West Hills, California, there was a 50% off sign displayed on a table full of toddler t-shirts/5(10).
Contact Us. By email: Click here to email Old Navy Customer Service By phone: Please dial for relay service. By mail: Old Navy Canada Customer Service, McLaughlin, Road North, Brampton, ON, L6X 0B8, Canada.
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Old Navy Customer Service Phone Numbers

In , the Old Navy brand began to sell its products on-line through the Old Navy website. The shipping fee of the Old Navy products is 5 and it does not matter how many items you buy on-line. The shipping fee of the Old Navy products is 5 and it does not matter how many items you buy on-line/5().

She absolutely shines on!!! The cashier that I encountered was Fernandez Junior. His cashier number was He presented himself as the manager.

He also over his name tag when I asked for his name. I went to recorrect the price of an item that I purchased. He asked and took me to the location of the item that I bought twice.

He ripped off the clearance tag of my item and threw it away. He does not trust the customer. He treats customers poorly. Upon entering the line we were not greeted, when the cashier rung up the first two items they did not ring up at the correct price. She called the department on the walkie-talkie.

I laid a pair of earrings down with our items and they are nowhere to be found. I guess she completely missed them or dropped them I am not sure. We shop at Old Navy all of the time and have never received this kind of treatment. The manager told me that if I wanted the employee to be rewarded, in the form of more hours, etc. So even though this is rare for me, due to my distaste for signing in, registering, or filling out non-essential forms online, I did the survey from the receipt.

It ended up being all about the store—with no comment section at the end to compliment a special employee. I had no desire to comment about the store; it was my first and only visit. The appearance of certain areas may have been a reflection of customer interaction with the displays at that time, as opposed to employees, who looked to be fighting very challenging odds. All I wanted to do was leave a comment about the employee, and there were only multiple choice answers on the survey about specific store experiences that I had not selected for remark.

So, I am here—and would like to leave feedback. There was an employee there, Karina, who was doing all kinds of things that I imagine are a part of the job: All while seeming to maintain other duties, which were multiple, around the store. So I received good customer service, even though: I imagine that is what one would want in a store that requires people to perform multiple duties but not neglect or present a harried front to its customers?

Also, I am not I did not want to fill out my age on the survey, but it was required. My visit to Old Navy was a pretty isolated event out of the past several years. I had no negative experiences that I would have commented on without being asked specifically by the survey. To whom it may concern.

I opened a credit with Old Navy in August of this year. When I received the first bill I was confused about a few things that were not explained to me fully when I open the account. I called customer service and they were very helpful ,In fact she was nice enough to take money off my bill an apologized. Ver y nice of her and I so appreciated. I then was away for short while with sick relative and when I had returned weeks later several week later I noticed my bill was due in 2 days.

I called and explained bill was in the mail Please do not place late fee. Lady stated she would not and would post payment in mail ,customer called. Ok So I was at zero balance. I have been a customer of Old Navy for years paying with cash. I have never had more problems with a credit account than I have had with yours! Old navy credit card , I try to call customer service asking them how to change my name on my Visa card, first time I called a guy of your customer service with Indian accent told me I need to cancel my account to reaply if I need to change my name, which I think is wrong , is have been a good customer for two years paying bills on time,it could be a way that I can just apply with legal document and change to my new legal name.

Second time I called a girl time me I send my name change document order from court to general inquiry , when I call back later to verify mailing address, another woman told me she need to put in request and send me a packet asking me following directions.

Why diffent people telling me different things? A name change should be simple be done. I would like to thank you for hiring such a pleasant and competent customer service representative Danica. When talking with agents like Ms. Danica, it just makes you want to continue shopping here besides the quality and prices of your products. I stood in line for 5 minutes while 3 cashiers worked helping your customers.

When 2 of them finished with their current client they left the area saying they would be right back. There were another 12 customers waiting to check out!! Dec 6 at 1 pm at the old navy in hurst, tx had a line half way around the store. I understand that it the holiday season and people r out shopping. The manager should plan for a busy season and have enough employees to work the registers. There were three people on the registers and no one to help on the floor. This makes for bad customer service.

The manager even came by and pulled a person off the register so now there are only two. This is horrible and this store needs better management and employees. They were not nice or courteous at all.

I think it is absolutely ridiculous that I placed an order on December 6th and now that it is December 10th it still has not shipped. Then when I ask to cancel my order I get told they have to submit a request and get approval and I may not get a full refund. Excuse me, my order has not been shipped. I should get a full refund. Never ordering anything online again. Stood in line for 35 minutes!! The management at the wilmington Delaware store at Brandywine parkway was very unprofessional and talked to the employee on sales floor like they were scum.

I will be returning all my purchases. Phone to do a order over the phone, I tried to do a order on website did. Not work at all. So I called the guy ask me the same question 3 or 4 times, then I ask to speak to someone then the woman keep telling me the same thing over , over again.

All abt a discount for gap,and oldnavy! Your customer service people need to learn how to calm down on the phone the woman was almost yelling at me. My experience was terrible interview embarrassing! I why purchasing jeans for my grandchild and looking for sales as I normally do at Old Navy. I enjoy Ishopping at the Old Navy immensely! However today I had an un- pleasant experience. At the check line You customer service Rep. Was ringing me out I had one pair of pants that was priced incorrectly.

The store customer service person would not honor it. However I did call your manager who was very nice. She said that she just could not honor it either and they do so many prices changes many changes they get confused sometimes and then asked how many was I trying to purchase.? I answer only one pair she said oh okay I can do that.

I am going to attached how the item was priced and why I chose it I shot her very frequently and was disappointed today and wanted to report it. Thank you so much for your time. I would have liked to attach what it look like but it would not allow me to in this space thank you again.

Just shopped at your Smithfield RI store and was disgusted by the outfit of the girl working the register. Her dress was so short that when she was bent over she showed everyone her thong underwear. I believe a stricter dress policy should be enforced!!! That was just very inappropriate and will not be going to any old navy again till its fixed.

The service and spirit of two of the guys working there just sucks, rude, hate my job kind of atmosphere. It seems like every time I have to deal with this guy, he has a bad attitude. The last time I was there he was throwing the merchandise on the floor when straightening the fixtures. He is VERY rude to customers. The dark kid named Marlowe has the same attitude. He is quick to tell you he is a manager with a little snap, snap, snap but has no management abilities as far as long check out lines, dressing room disaster, bad customer service in finding product etc.

Thank you for attending to the this matter. Thank you for having a real good look at the management in this store. And where is everybody??????

Something is very broken. Add whatever comment you wish, but folks, only a Thank You is a Thank You. There are no substitutes. My 5 year old daughter was very upset, but i would not buy the shirt. I shop there all the time. Your latest xmas commercial has no business on tv. Apparently either nobody told you or if they did you dont CARE that mini horses can't safely support adults, even women. That woman flailing about on that horse could cause serious damage.

What's wrong with you people?! The customer service representatives for Old Navy are very rude. The woman would barely let me tell her what was going on with the account and as soon as I told her she kept telling me to do the same thing over and over.

She didn't even actually listen to what I said, she kept saying I should do this one thing to fix the problem which wasn't even a problem. I tried to be as nice as I could, but I was forced to raise my voice and speak over her so that she would let me finish a sentence. Not well organized and the merchandise is not high quality as it used to be when the company required its employers to wear its merchandise as part of their uniform when on duty.

I use it to purchase items from other stores. There is no email address for Old Navy Visa customer service. There is a general email for Old Navy customers, but if you use this email address to contact a representative about your Visa account you will not receive the response you are looking for. Old Navy Customer Support store: Similar to any other credit card company, customers must endure a lengthy automated system before having the ability to communicate with an actual customer service agent.

We waited for more than 5 minutes before a customer scare agent answered the call. After they answered the call, we asked for information relating to payment assistance programs. Each of the programs has its own set of requirements and the agent explained approval depends on the standing of your account. The final piece of advice offered included contacting the customer service department prior to a late payment.

Customer service in the Credit card dept. Need to be better trained and to communicate better with the customers. I have not received my old navy Visa card. I just want to know the status on the card. I immediately corrected this.

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